About Us

The HIDden team believe that the past has many great dramas, and our goal is to bring them to you through interesting, intelligently considered performances. All of our productions are created from a historically informed perspective: we ground our performances in research, with great respect for historical context, while never forgetting that our audiences are modern.

Many of the plays we present come from the past. The dramas of earlier eras can offer both interesting and engaging stories, and also a window into the world in which they were created. Some of these plays may be less familiar to modern audiences, but we feel that they have much to offer that contemporary viewers can find entertaining and informative. HIDden does not strive to ‘re-create’ historic performances, but instead seeks to find creative ways to bring these dramas to life in the manner most appropriate to them, for today’s audience.

We also feel that modern dramatists also have something to offer in the way of historically informed drama. New understanding of past events can mean that modern plays on these subjects are able to explore aspects of events which earlier writers might not have considered. We enjoy working with these contemporary plays as much as with those which were written in other eras: there is no time which has not had interesting stories to tell.

We are also interested in working on new works from emerging playwrights which touch on a historical theme. To submit your work for consideration, please contact us via Facebook or email using the contact form below: