Mankind (Revival) – York 2016

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‘Mankind’, A Medieval Comedy

York Revival Run

14th-16th April 2016

7.30pm with a Saturday matinée at 2.30pm

Upstage Theatre, 41 Monkgate, York

Pay-What-You-Want ticket prices

We are pleased to announce that Friday evening’s performance will be followed by a post-show talk and discussion led by the production’s director, HIDden Theatre’s Artistic Director, Laura Elizabeth Rice and featuring contributions from the cast.

Mankind, a peasant farmer, is content to work in his field and follow the holy precepts of his confessor, Mercy, until he encounters the trickster demon Mischief and his minions New-guise and Nought. In league with the devil Titivillus, they convince Mankind to leave his work and prayer and seek out a life filled with laziness and debauchery. Only when he realises that his mortal soul is in danger does Mankind repent of his ways and return to the kindness and forgiveness of Mercy.

Mankind dates from the 1470’s and may have been performed at Shrovetide, when people had one last hurrah before the austerity and sacrifice of the Lenten season. This is reflected in the broad, bawdy comedy which sits amidst Mercy’s reminders to reconsider one’s ultimate fate. Even today, it’s easy to understand the dilemma which faces Mankind: to think of the future, or to enjoy the pleasures of the moment.

Our production brings Mankind into the modern era, reflecting on the ‘vices’ of today – reliance on technology, a desire to be trendy, and ambivalence toward mortality – and our ongoing search for personal balance.

Following the success of a one-off performance of this production last Autumn we are pleased to be able to offer audiences further opportunity to see it.  Please note the production may not be suitable for young audiences.


This production is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague Charles Hunt.


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