The HIDden Story

HIDden Theatre was created by Laura Elizabeth Rice and Suzanne Fatta in 2010. Following their involvement in the York Mystery Plays that summer, the Friends of the British Museum invited them to mount a production of medieval nativity plays in the Museum… and HIDden was born.

Laura and Suzanne both have backgrounds in medieval history and performance, and they realised that there are many plays from that early era which are largely forgotten by modern audiences. In considering the ways that they could bring them to more people, they realised that much of the drama of the past, not only the Middle Ages, is lost to today’s public. They decided that HIDden could be a window into the theatre of the past, and that, as historians as well as performers, they would be able to offer unique perspectives on the dramas of history.

HIDden has evolved to take a wide view of history as a dramatic theme, beyond that of solely historic dramas. Whether written about in its own era, or only now finding its way into performance, there is a wealth of material from earlier times that can offer insight into both earlier times, and our own. The HIDden team enjoy creating a bridge between yesterday and today, giving audiences entertaining and intriguing performances. We continue to believe that the past has many of the best stories, and hope that our audiences agree.